Hydroculture is the method of growing plants in an inert medium with water and fertilizer rather than soil.


This form of plant care is tremendously popular in European countries. Why? Hydroculture is easy, clean and you have greater success in raising healthy house plants. You can tell at a glance when your plant needs to be watered. It's simple! No move over or under watering, therefore fewer plant losses.



• Cleaner than soil and easier to clean up spills

• Less risk of staining furniture

• Non-allergic

• Grow medium never needs to be replaced

• Odour free

• Good root aeration because pebbles do not compact

• Pest free - no centipedes, sowbugs, worms or other soil pests

• Fertilize just once every 4 - 6 months

• Water every 2 - 3 weeks (4 max.) and vacation worry free

• Water level indicator tells when plants need watering

• High and low water loving plants can inhibit same pot

• Even nutrient and water supply yields healthier faster growing plants

• Plants have smaller root systems and require less frequent transplanting