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Tropf Blumat

Automatic Self Watering Systems NEVER WATER YOUR PLANTS AGAIN!

Tropf Blumat - No Batteries. No Timers Required. Perfect Irrigation For Landscapers & Home Gardeners. Blumat Jr. looks after your plants whether you’re home or not.


Patio, Deck & Balcony Set


The Tropf Blumat self watering system functions fully automatically. As the soil dries, its natural suction power
triggers the opening of the Tropf Blumat allowing the water to flow. When the soil is sufficiently moist, the Tropf Blumat
automatically stops.

  • Automatically waters individual plants, and only when needed
  • Connects directly to your hose tap or use your rain barrel
  • Easily installed with a pair of scissors
  • Inexpensive and works for years
  • Ideal for small or larger grow areas
  • Silent - makes no noise
  • No spray


For House Plants

As the soil dries, the ceramic cone delivers water gradually into the surrounding earth - thereby creating a vacuum
within the cone which draws water from the nearby container of water. Once the soil is moistened the Blumat
Junior will cease flowing water. It waters your plant only as needed.

  • Excellent system for vacation periods
  • Water is delivered directly through the ceramic cone
  • Water is sucked from any kind of container via a thin tube
  • Blumat is operational at all times
  • Minimal setup
  • Plants remain in their normal locations, repotting is not necessary
  • Blumat Jr. can be used year ‘round
Product # Description
02060225 Hose Tap Pressure Reducer
02060230 Tropf Blumat End Elbow
02060249 Tropf Blumat 8mm Feedline Tee
02060250 Tropf Blumat Replacement Tee (3/pkg)
02060251 Tropf Blumat Hose Coupler (3/pkg)
02060252 Tropf Blumat Elbow (3/pkg)
02060253 Tropf Mini-Branch Plus Drip Tube(3/pkg)
02060254 Tropf Hose Tee/End Piece (2 ea/pkg)
02060255 Tropf Shut Off Valve
02060256 Tropf Distributor Drippers (10/pkg)
02060257 Tropf Blumat Supports (10/pkg)
02060258 Tropf Blumat Thru-Hull (rain barrel connector)
02050168 Dripline 30m Roll
02060210 Tropf Blumat Bulk (box of 50) c/wTee Fittings Installed
02060215 Blumat Jr. for Houseplants (box of 25)
02060216 Blumat Jr. 3 pack
02060211 Tropf Blumat Maxi
02060220 Tropf Blumat Patio, Deck & Balcony Set c/w 12 Tropf Blumats, Hose & Fittings
02050167 Blumat Feedline 8mm -100m roll
02060222 Tropf Blumat 10M Set