Net 30 days from date of invoice on approval of credit, otherwise orders must be prepaid prior to shipping. Customers will be advised immediately when an order exceeds their credit limit so they can rectify the situation and the order can be shipped expediently.



Please refer to the RMA request form for additional instructions

1. No return will be accepted on items that were not purchased from Rambridge.
2. No return authorization will be provided by phone. All requests must be made via the RMA form.
3. All products claimed to be defective MUST be thoroughly tested prior to RMA exchange or credit. Any item we deem fully functional will be subject to return shipping and handling charges.
4. We may require photos of damage or defects prior to authorization.
5. Items will be credited or replaced ONLY if you purchased directly from Rambridge and are within the manufacturer warranty period.
6. We follow the warranty guidelines put in place by our various vendors. Please refer to those warranty instructions for further information. Please note that some manufacturers do not credit or replace products - they repair and return them. The vendors listed below require defective merchandise be dealt directly with them. If the merchandise is new, unused and in its original pack aging, then Rambridge Wholesale International will accept the return, upon approval.
7. All items must be packaged carefully for return shipment. Rambridge will not honor authorization for items damaged in transit due to improper packaging. DO NOT ship any items with cracked, chipped or broken glass.

8. Please include all accessories when returning an item, including original packaging, power cords, cables, etc. We will test your unit with your accessories to rule out defect of such items.

If you wish to return new items for credit, please fill out the RMA form and follow the above listed procedure. Acceptance of new items returns is at the sole discretion of Rambridge. We will only authorize the return of new items in their original condition (unopened and re-sellable). You are responsible for the shipping cost of all items. We will deduct a 15% restocking fee from your applied credits.
The form is provided in PDF format when sent in email. The form can be filled out on your computer screen. Please send RMA forms to the email address on the bottom of the form, do not send to customer service.
    Verify the ship-to address is the address where you wish your replacement or repaired product be delivered. Your contact phone number is also very important information.
    Email or fax your request to the contact on the form. We recommend that you save a copy for your records. Do use the RMA request form as your packing slip.
    Use your RMA confirmation as your packing slip. Our RMA Department will enter your request into our returns system and fax or email your RMA confirmation that will list all items authorized for return. If any items you requested are not approved, we will provide explanation and instructions if applicable.

US Customers- Click here to download RMA Form

Canadian Customers- Click here to dowload RMA Form



All orders are shipped F.O.B. our warehouse unless otherwise authorized. If you have a preferred carrier please inform us, otherwise we will ship with the best available carrier for the product being shipped. Heated service is required in the winter for some products. All shipments will be insured unless we are otherwise advised. If you have an account with us and have not completed the freight insurance advisory form please contact us immediately.



The carrier is responsible for the safe delivery of the goods and any claims for damage or shortages should be made with the carrier.



Inspect each shipment as soon as it arrives while the carrier is still present.



Rambridge Wholesale Supply makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and in no event will be liable for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages arising out of the use or inability to use a product. All warranties shall be the warranties of the manufacturer or supplier and shall be limited to either the purchase price or product replacement with the same or equivalent product at the sole discretion of Rambridge.




Vancouver Lower Mainland $500.00   Calgary $500.00    
Fraser Valley $1,000.00   All Other $1,000.00    
Vancouver Island $1,000.00   SASKATCHEWAN (All locations) $1,500.00    
Okanagan $1,000.00   MANITOBA (All locations) $1,500.00    
Kootneys $1,000.00   ONTARIO (All locations) $1,000.00    
All Other $1,000.00   QUEBEC (All locations) $1,000.00    
      ATLANTIC CANADA (All locations) $2,000.00    





1 US Gallon is equal to: 1 cup is equal to : 1 tablespoon is equal to:
4 quartz 256 tbsp 8 ounces 0.52lbs 1/2 ounce 180 drops
8 pints 768 tsp 1/2 pint 0.23 litre 15 ml 15 grams
16 cups 8.34 lbs 16 tbsp 14.4 cu. in. 3 tsp 0.663 cup
128 ounces 231 cu. in. 48 tsp 236 grams    
3.785 litres   236 ml      
1 litre is equal to:
1000 ml 2.22 lbs   1 mho = 1 Siemen   mg/1 = milligrams per litre
2.164 pints 202.88 tsp   1 Siemen = 1000 mS   ppm = parts per million
1000 grams 0.264 gal   1 mS = 1000 uS   mho = conductivity
4.328 cups 1.057 quart   1 mS = 500 ppm   mS = millisiemen
67.63 tbsp     (standard)   uS = microsiemen
      1 mS = 650 ppm   tds = total dissolved solids
      (horticultural)   cc = electrical conductivity
      1 mg/litre = 1 ppm   pH = potential hydrogen